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Hey, I wanted to take a moment and check in with you, in the wake of the Rams defeat, at the hands of the Scots.

I need to admit that u were right, and I was wrong. Caledonia came into the game with a whole new game plan, and it worked to near perfection. They were quite physical and really stopped our running game (we got well over 200+yds vs them 2 wks ago). Their pass defense was once again solid though, rarely giving our guys Rm to maneuver (just like the last gm, too).

On their side, their highly touted passing gm again didn’t accomplish much, but the difference was they ran the ball steadily all gm, and had our defense on the field probably abt 60-65% of the game (much different from gm 9).

Our D line battled like hell all gm, bending but not breaking. The TO, before their XP attempt, told us all they’d chngd their minds and were gonna try to win it in the 2nd OT. WELL DESIGNED play, something they had success running most of the game, and we just weren’t able to cover it in time. Never felt we had ANY game in the bag, all season…. too smart to ever be over confident. Sad to see our run come to an end though…..

Hell of a game, proud of our Rams, and hopeful that our fellow conference foes, to win it all.

Thanks so much for interacting with me. You guys are great. Hopefully, we can do it again next yr….. or this. I’ll be hitting some other games in West Michigan, rooting on our side of the state.

Might get a chance to again add my perspective on what I witness over here.

Thanks again

Steve Cadwell

Rockford, Class of ‘77

Spotter, since 2001

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Rest assured, McKenzie is a very accomplished passer. His game would probably be abt 60-40, run to pass adeptness. He’s a better runner than a passer, but he has a strong arm, and his runners are talented enough, that their play action could be effective, if he’s having a night. Didn’t need to pass much against us…. His RBs did enough to mostly give the 2nd and 3rd & short. I’ll try to get to the Whitehall- SChr gm.

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