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  • A weekly recap on all that happened in the previous week (we generally send this out on Monday mornings)

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Out of season, we like to keep things fresh, and we jump around from topic to topic quite frequently. All of our posts focus on the ‘bigger picture’ of what’s happening with the sport in the State of Michigan.

For a sample of what this looks like, here’s one of our more popular out-of-season posts:

Goose Droppings
Where are the Wins?
Hi All, It’s been about a month since our last post, our 2021 year in review. Since then, we’ve been busy at work prepping for 2022 (read to the end of that post for a sneak preview of what’s in store). While we don’t have any updates on 2022 to share right now (look out for some in the coming months), we wanted to use this stretch of downtime to share t…
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