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Week 6 Goosepoop Pro Highlights

I've added maps of the 32 most likely playoff qualifiers

Hi Guys -

I just updated Goosepoop Pro with Week 6 Data.

I also added one more feature this week: projected playoff maps.

When subscribers log on, they’ll be able to see a map with the Computer’s 32 most likely playoff qualifiers, per the dashboard on the projections tab.

Just like with the Playoff Wizard, these qualifiers are grouped into their likely districts by our Computer (please cut it some slack on some of the UP districts….)

All subscribers can head over to the website right now to check this out - it’s live!

If you’ve yet to sign up, you can do so for $15 / month at the link below:

(You can unsubscribe anytime via clicking the ‘Manage Your Subscription’ button in the lower left corner)