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Week 5 Goosepoop Pro Highlights

Two sick new features (but I'm biased)

Hi Guys -

I just updated Goosepoop Pro with Week 5 Data.

More importantly: when you log on, you’ll see TWO sick new features:

Sick New Feature #1: Impact Games

On your chosen division’s home screen, you’ll see a new tab called “Impact Games”.

Click that, and you’ll see the 15 remaining games with the highest impact on your division’s playoff field.

Here’s Division 2’s two-highest impact games, for example:

How to read this: South Lyon and Forest Hills Northern are both projected as ‘bubble’ playoff teams at the moment, and their games shown here are both most-win to remain in contention.

Sick New Feature #2: Full Playoff Forecast

For the last 2 weeks, you’ve been able to view your team’s probable first round opponent via clicking the ‘playoffs’ tab on your team’s home page

Well, check out the ‘playoffs’ tab once more to see a major update: you can now view your team’s likely District Final, Regional Final, Semi Final, and State Final opponent.

Below is this feature, shown for Belleville:

How to read this: we project that Belleville plays Westland John Glenn in the District Finals in 52% of all scenarios. In 17% of all scenarios, Belleville plays Monroe in the District Finals.

To see Belleville’s projected Regional Final opponents, you can simply click the box below the open one - “Projected Regional Final Opponents”

All subscribers can head over to the website right now to check these features out - they’re both live!

If you’ve yet to sign up, you can do so for $15 / month at the link below:

(You can unsubscribe anytime via clicking the ‘Manage Your Subscription’ button in the lower left corner)